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Tractor Grader Blade Models

CH and CJ models attach to a Category I 3-point hitch. BH and BJ models attach to a Category II, 3-point hitch. All four tractor grader blade models feature dual blade configuration with dual 5/8" bolt-on standard highway punch motor grader edges, side pans with replaceable runners with heat treated wear strips on four corners, three 4" cross members bolted to side panels with high grade bolts.

Independent grading height adjustment on each side allows you to maintain a crown.

BJ model has twin manual screw jacks for height adjustment. Many of our competitors’ graders do not provide a way to adjust the grading height. In these graders the depth of cut changes as the blade wears. They typically use reversible, center-punched cutting edges. That is, the holes where the blade attaches to the mold board are punched in the center of the blade. When the bottom edge wears out, the operator must detach it and reverse the blade.
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On our tractor grader blade models the grading height is fully adjustable. Our cutting edges are top-punched so that the top of the blade (not the center) attaches to the mold board. Thus as the blade wears, the operator can simply adjust the depth of cut to maintain the grading height and can get the full wear out of the blade without having to reverse it.

CH and BH models have a hydraulic tilt strut, which controls the lead cutting edge and manual screw jacks that control the trailing edge.

BJ Series Weights and Dimensions

Blade Width - Weight - Width - Length - Height
7' - 1,375 lbs - 7' 4" - 6' - 20"
8' - 1,500 lbs - 8' 4" - 6' - 20"

BH Series Weights and Dimensions*

Blade Width - Weight - Width - Length - Height
7' - 1,435 lbs - 7' 4" - 6' - 20"
8' - 1,560 lbs - 8' 4" - 6' - 20"

Dual hydraulic cylinders for tilt struts available on special order.

Roller option available on BJ & BH series.

CH Series with optional combination 3-point hitch and skid steer mounting plate.

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