Roadrunner BH Series tractor grader attachment
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Roadrunner grader blade

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Roadrunner manufactures and sells heavy duty road grading attachments for tractors and skid steer loaders. Our grading blade system is:

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Roadrunner grading blade vs. a standard box grader

Roadrunner grading blade vs. a motor grader


We sell two heavy duty series (for contractors) and an FR Series (for property owners). Heavy duty series are designed for higher horsepower tractors (BJ and BH series) or for lower horsepower tractors or skid steers (CJ and CH series). Heavy duty series models provide blade adjustment with either screw jacks (BJ and CJ) or hydraulic assist (BH and CH). Roadrunner works well as a road grader, driveway grader, trail grader, road drag, material spreader, road maintainer, road scraper, finish grader, or landscape grader.

The MT (Multi-Task) Trench Paver is our newest model, especially designed to spread asphault, or other material in a trench, or other confined area. It works well as a trench filler, asphalt spreader, material spreader, wholder grader, sidewalk grader, shoulder grader, MT Video or median strip maintainer.